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  • Nombre: MEMORIA SD 512MB SILICON POWER (80x)
  • Referencia: M262
  • Part Number: SP512MBSDC080V10
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Memoria flash Secure Digital de 512MB de capacidad Silicon Power 80x

Description: Ideal for pure and uninterrupted performance during photo shoots. Meets the single burst and sequential shooting needs of Intermediate/Professional photographers. Captures the perfect series of photos or a digital video shoot. Has the same quality features as our standard SD cards, but delivers a faster data transfer rate for breakneck speed.
High-Performance Speed: 80X
Available Memory Capacities: up to 2GB.( 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB(optional)
Store more:over 1700* photos.
Record Longer: up to 280* minutes.
Guaranteed Compatibility: with all mobile phones, PDA”s, digital camera”s, MP3 players, PC”s, Macs, and LCD TV”s
CPRM Included: Provides Monumental Protection of Digital Content
Block changes to important data and digital media files when shared among card readers.
Copyright Protection: complies with the highest security of SDMI standards.
ECC Function: detects and corrects data errors automatically.
Safe Card Removal during read operation will not harm the stored contents.
Secure: write protection switch to prevent accidental data loss.
Low power consumption: Prolongs the use of your device.
Supports Auto-sleep Mode: to preserve device”s battery life.
Zero-power data retention: continually preserves your data while device power has been shut off.
No batteries required.
Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Durable: meticulously tested in extreme heat, cold, rain storms and dust storms.
Easy to use: true plug and play capability.
Convienent: Portable & Light weight.
*photos and video content stored on the 2GB memory card.

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